Modernization of communal infrastructure (heat and water supply and sanitation, solid waste treatment) requires a significant investment amount.

Private investors take into consideration only quality projects and in this regard thorough elaboration of investment projects at preparatory stage is crucial.

In power industry, growth prospects are dependent on introduction of alternative energy sources.

The most explored sources in this respect are as follows:
  • biofuel (eco-fuel)
  • wind power engineering
  • geothermal power engineering
  • solar power engineering
  • thermonuclear power engineering (fusion power)
  • hydrogen power engineering
  • tidal power engineering

Also, more technologies have appeared in recent years, which seemed fantastic just a while ago. Elaboration of these energy sources can completely reshape our lifestyle. The most famous of them are:
  • nanowire accumulators
  • wireless power transmission technologies
  • atmospheric electric power, etc.

It is expected that other technologies will appear soon and their elaboration will improve the use of hydrocarbons and reduce the cost of energy which is significantly important. The Brayne team supports projects in public utilities and power production sector, in particular:
  • complex support of PPP projects
  • investment and fundraising
  • attraction of government support
  • increase of efficiency of operational activity
  • investment justification
  • technological and price audit of investment projects