Big Data, Dark Data, Data Mining, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence technologies – for numerous companies such technologies seem either too complex or too divorced from reality. However, increasingly often these tools are used in various fields of economy from banking to retail. Such solutions creating unique competitive strengths allow companies to form added value and conquer new markets.

Understanding and wise use of high-tech solutions become essential in the era of large amounts of data. It is necessary to be able to collect, analyze and make decisions based on constant data flows.

Telecommunication is one of the most advanced sectors in terms of introducing information technologies that allows companies to expand the range of provided services, including insurance, banking and other products, enabling customers to be as mobile and informed as possible.

One of the main problems while introducing complex information technologies is the misunderstanding between business representatives and programmers. The formers cannot always think through the principles of work of these tools, while the latters are not always able to convey complex solutions in a simple and comprehensible way to their consumers.

In these circumstances Brayne acts as an intermediary between leading IT-developers and business parties, bringing out the latters’ needs and selecting tools suitable to solve business tasks.