Being one of strategic sectors of domestic industry oil and gas sector is an important focus area for the Brayne team. We cooperate with the most significant companies in various sectors of oil and gas industry.
  • Exploration and development of oil and gas deposits
  • Hydrocarbons transportation
  • Oil and gas processing and petrochemical industry
  • Distribution of petroleum products
  • Oil and gas deposits serving

The Brayne team possesses vast expertise and skills acquired within many years of practice in industry and this helps select the most relevant services and solutions for oil and gas companies. Main areas of activity include:
  • strategy implementation and elaboration
  • operational efficiency increase by means of modern technologies or optimizing of current business processes
  • delivery chain management
  • value creation chain management
  • fundraising

In our work we use targeted approach to meet business challenges of our clients, using up-to-date information about market changes, and also taking into account global industry trends.